Sport Psychology Observatory

Pedagogy of the Human Body Movement Department

The Sport Psychology Observatory of EEFE is a result of works developed with research and interventions in the past 15 years. It derives from the reunion of researchers and psychologists who work with high performance athletes, as well as with sportive initiation, free time practices, rehabilitation and social projects. Through this time there have been published eight books concerning Sport Psychology themes from studies of cases to the reflection of strategies intervention, evaluation instruments in Sport Psychology and also ethical questions concerning the practice of this area of knowledge and intervention field. 

Contemporary sport is considered one of the main social phenomena of the 20th Century and it has been assembled an increasing number of research areas which constitute the Sports Science, demonstrating a tendency and need to interdisciplinary.  Sports Psychology, as one of those subareas, began its researches approximately a century ago, initially studying aspects related to physiology, the so-called conditioned reflexes. Through the years other themes such as motivation, personality, aggression and violence, leadership, group dynamics, psychological well being, thoughts and feeling of the athletes and many other aspects of the sportive practice and physical education were embodied to the list of concerning and needs of the researchers and professionals. The academic production is an association of knowledge in clinical and social psychology, under the influence of diversified theoretical currents and models, applied to observation and intervention of behaviors and human attitudes in the context of sports practice and physical activity.

Study Areas
  • Clinical Psychology of Sport
  • Social Psychology of Sport

Katia Rubio, PhD. - Coordinator