Master’s Program

In order to apply to the sëlection process for entering the Post Graduation Program in Physical Education, there are some documents and other requirements that may be arranged in advance. However they must be presented to the Graduate Office strictly during the application period.
Please contact the Graduate Service for information on the application period.
Documents required:
  • Curriculum Vitae Vitae and copies of supporting documents (formal authentication is not required);
  • 2 copies of the Research Project in one of the study areas, including, at least, the following topics:
    1) Temporary Title;
    2) Introduction;
    3) Objectives;
    4) Literature review;
    5) Methodology;
    6) References.
  • Approval on the English proficiency exam;
  • Approval on the Portuguese proficiency exam (for foreigners);
  • Entry requirement and acceptance of the Mentor Professor;
    Click here to see the list of Mentor Professors
  • Copy of Academic Transcript and Diploma or Certificate of Conclusion of the Graduation Course in Physical Education, Sport or similar areas;
  • Fulfilled informative questionnaire;
  • ID copy and, if foreigner, permanency visa or document that comproves your staying in Brazil;
  • Recent 3X4cm picture;
  • Payment receipt of the application fee click here
The final list of documents required for application, the curriculum assessment items, the indicated themes and bibliography, as well as the sëlection criteria will be presented in specific notice 30 days before the opening application date.
English Proficiency
The English proficiency exam may be taken in any institution and it must be certified when enrolling. Below we list the accepted exams. All of them are valid for five years:
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
Institutional Testing Program (ITP)
Internet-Based Test (IBT)
IELTS Academic (International English Language Testing System
The required punctuation for each proficiency exam will be informed in specific notice 30 days before the opening application date.
Portuguese Proficiency
Foreign students from countries whose official language is not Portuguese are required to submit, in addition to the proficiency exam in English Language, the proficiency exam in Portuguese. The approval of the exam voucher must be presented only at the time of application. Below we listed the accepted tests.
Exam of the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Literature, and Human Sciences (FFLCH-USP) Language Center.
The FFLCH Language Center is an application Center of CELPE-Brás.
The required punctuation for the proficiency exam will be informed in specific notice 30 days before the opening application date.