Group of Research CORPUS - Physical Education + Collective Health + Philosophy

Pedagogy of the Human Body Movement Department
The study areas of this group prioritize relations between the fields of Physical Education, Collective Health and Philosophy. The studies and projects emphasize the conceptual and methodological focus based on experiences in public health services and with teenagers and youths in the public education system. Undergraduate and graduate students join to the group through scientific initiation programs, internships, monitoring programs, research projects (individually or collectively). 
This initiative has repercussions in terms of formation (graduate, undergraduate and permanent education), research and intellectual production and collaborative work between colleagues and researchers from other USP unities, other Brazilian universities (UFRGS e UFES) and foreign institutions (Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra/Portugal; Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto and Universidad de La Plata/Argentina). 
The group also organizes national and international seminars (EPHYSIS – Physical Education and Society) with the goal to disseminate ideas and dialogue with the scientific-academic community in Brazil and abroad.
Study Areas
  • Body practices in primary attention to health
  • Physical Education and Philosophy
  • Physical Education and Health
  • Studies on leisure and ludic 
  • Formation and education in health
  • Body and corporal practices in contemporary