Group of Studies on Sports Communication and Marketing

Sport Department

The Group of Studies on Sports Communication and Marketing began meeting informally in February 2013 as a segment inside the Group of Studies on Sport Management. Among the activities that have already been led by the members, there is an extensive survey for bibliographical references at EEFE Library and specialized websites. The work resulted in a support document for those who are interested in the subject and specially undergraduates who opt to do their conclusion work related to this area.

Study Areas
  • Clubs and Sports Associations Marketing Management;
  • The Communication Professional and Sports Marketing – characterization, formation, profile and duties;
  • Sports Marketing and Entertainment Industry;
  • Sports Organization Culture and Identity;
  • Sports Events Management;
  • Sports Marketing Tools;
  • Sports and Media;
  • Sports Journalism;
  • Projects in Sports;
  • Digital Media in Sports.

Ary Rocco Junior, PhD. - Coordinator


Phone: 55 11 3091-2304