Laboratory of Biomechanics

Biodynamics of the Human Body Movement Department
EEFE’s Laboratory of Biomechanics started its activities in October 1988 and nowadays it interacts with the scientific-academic structure of the undergraduate (Scientific Initiation) and graduate (Extension, Master’s and Doctorate). Therefore, the participation of the Lab in the teaching-learning system stands out not only for its contribution on the academic and professional qualification but also on the development of scientific knowledge on biomechanics. 
The Lab’s goal is to investigate and analyze the human movement in its basic structures concerning physical-sportive activity and/or daily activities observing the consequences the locomotor system in relation to the performance and technical optimization as in dependency of the specific characteristics of the reactions of the human biological system.  The researches study the functions of the movement in the context of interdisciplinary relations whose scientific needs demand appropriate methods in order to better understand the complexes parameters that compose this natural phenomenon – the human movement.
Study Areas
  • Locomotion Biomechanics
  • Internal forces and biomechanical models
  • Sports biomechanics
  • Postural Control Biomechanics
  • Instrumentation applied to biomechanics
  • Shoes biomechanics
Julio Cerca Serrão, PhD. – coordinator
Alberto Carlos Amadio, PhD.
Bruno Mezêncio Leal Resende - Lab Specialist
Jaqueline Esterque de Albuquerque - Lab Technician