Motor Behavior Laboratory

Pedagogy of the Human Body Movement Department
The Motor Behavior Lab – Lacom – investigates motor behavior through different approaches:  the studies of mechanisms responsible for producing movement (Motor Control), underlying processes to the changes by the practice (Motor Learning) and the changes in motor behavior through life (Motor Development), as well as the approach of scientific-academic knowledge to  professional performance situations (Teaching-Learning).
Lacom was one of the first Brazilian Labs focused on the investigation of Motor Behavior related themes. Nowadays, Physical Education in the country counts on a wide range of laboratories in this area. Many of those were created by Professors who completed their graduation at Lacom and then returned to their institution of origin.
The original contribution of Lacom has been taking place on two fronts: lines of research and by application of the knowledge produced. In both cases the systemic paradigm is being adopted. The researches’ conception, original methodology and results have been disseminated in important academic events and publications, including international ones. As a consequence, it is remarkable the number of invitations received by members of Lacom to participate in scientific events, examining boards, graduate disciplines nationally and overseas. The demand for partnerships also increased, which contributes for the development of joint research projects.
Study Areas
  • Motor Development Analysis and Diagnosis
  • Motor Response Organization
Luciano Basso, PhD - Coordinator
Flávio Henrique Bastos, PhD. - Deputy Coordinator
Go Tani, PhD.
Ulysses Okada de Araujo, Lab Especialist