NeuroSports Lab

Sport Department

The NeuroSports Lab goal is to develop research in sport and physical exercise, in the areas of neuroscience, including neuropsychobiology, neuroimmunology, sport and exercise neuroendocrinology, sports training, planning and monitoring, performance and recovery in sport, and game and performance analysis.

The guidelines of the researches involves neuromodulation, brain stimulation, non-invasive transcranial stimulation, fatigue and recovery in sport, mental fatigue, brain recovery, training load control and game analysis in team sport.

The mission of the NeuroSports Lab is to contribute to the knowledge in sport sciences and to the academic and scientific training of the members of the laboratory. The NeuroSports Lab develops high quality research in the areas of neuromodulation, exercise and sports training.

Study Areas
  • Neuromodulation in sport and physical exercise.
  • Organization, structuring, monitoring and responses to adapt the physical and sports training process;
  • Relationship between stress, upper respiratory tract infections, internal load and external load;
  • Acute and chronic neuroimmuno-endocrine responses in sports training;
  • Fatigue and recovery: mental fatigue, brain recovery and performance;
  • Game and performance analysis in sport.

Alexandre Moreira, PhD - Coordinator