Exchange Program
Admission Exam
In order to apply to undergraduate courses of EEFE, one has to do an admission exam called vestibular. Selection is made annually and organized by Fuvest (University Foundation for Vestibular).
It is also possible to apply through the National High School Exam (Enem).
For further information, please visit / (in Portuguese)
In case there are vacancies available, it is allowed the students transference to EEFEUSP courses, as long as the proper deadlines are observed and after selection process. The transference may be:
- Internal: destined exclusively to regularly enrolled USP students. The selection process occurs in one phase.
- External: destined for both regularly enrolled USP students and undergraduates from other Brazilian and foreign institutions. The selection process occurs in two stages, being Fuvest (University Foundation for Vestibular) responsible for the first one and EEFE for the second. For further information, please visit (in Portuguese)
Special Student
Undergraduate subjects allow isolated enrollment of people interested in obtaining approval certificate in disciplines as a Special Student. The Special Student must bear Certificate of Secondary Education or equivalent.
USP students cannot enroll as a Special Student.
The Special Student may enroll within 3 subjects and will be subject to the same rules as regular students, except the right to take partial or total leave of absence. For further information, please contact the Undergraduate Service.